A little about RMF

Where do I start… My name is Jorge Bueno, after years working for others I came to the realization one morning… Yea, I love what I do, but there is so much more that I enjoy, no not enjoy… appreciate doing. I’m a perfectionist, I constantly demand more of myself. Good is not sufficient, perfection is just right…When I made the decision to partner with RMF Business Venture and leave my normal behind , it was only because it was a scenario I could vividly see coming to fruition. When it comes to homes, lets be honest, you gotta love the work…see the AFTER in your head…even when what most people see is a disaster. That’s what RMF excels at, that’s our driving force. Taking something broken..unwanted..unappreciated..and turning it into someones dream home! I’m a Project Manager…a General Contractor…and the first to get his hands dirty. Why? Like I said, I’m a perfectionist. This isn’t a job, its a challenge, an adventure even. You need to take pride in your job, to be able to stand behind your work, your name and the company you represent become labeled by it. Coming from over 18 years dealing on a daily basis with clients and tradesmen made it an easy decision. It was time to do what I enjoy..

RMF starts each project with a mindset that resembles our need for excellence. What can we do today to insure our clients satisfaction and peace of mind? Our goal each time we do business is to take the stress that comes with dealing with a project upon ourselves, to allow our clients a seamless experience and complete satisfaction. With proper communication a clients needs are evaluated and fulfilled within their budget , no matter the amount. Let us show you our vision, our manner of conducting business, our personal level of professionalism!


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